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Before applying to be a guest on Shero Convo Podcast, click here to review our required guidelines for podcast guest pitches.

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(Please be sure you KNOW our show before pitching. Generic pitches will not be considered)
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To ensure a smooth, high-quality interview, the following setup requirements are mandatory. Check the box below to confirm that you understand: *
· A telephone with great reception; landline preferred · Headphones (must be worn during the interview) · A microphone (a built-in microphone is okay) · A quiet environment


Shayla Nicole loves hosting conversations with female business owners that leave listeners inspired and motivated. She gladly welcome pitches for podcast guests. But because we are very selective of the content produced, it is important to be sure you are a good match BEFORE pitching, so before submitting your application, be sure you fit within the following guidelines:

  • We record remotely via telephone and thus all guests must ensure preparedness with these requirements:

    • A landline telephone or cell phone with great reception

    • Headphones (must be worn during interview)

    • A microphone (built-in is okay)

    • Access to a quiet room (please silence/power off all gadgets)

  • We are looking for female entrepreneurs who started their business as a side hustle. We want to hear what inspired you to start your business and how you did it. While we are happy to explore the “creations” of our guests (books, businesses, films, etc.) as part of the conversation, we do not make those the sole focus of the conversation or do pure product, business or brand reviews.

  • The podcast recording is audio-only, though we may produce a brief video clip to be used for promotional purposes.

Pitches that do not fall within these guidelines AND provide all required info will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!