is an entrepreneur, lifestyle brand fanatic, and beauty junkie. After Shayla grew tired of not being able to find lipstick shades that not only complimented her skin tone but were safe and non-toxic, she set out to start her own paraben-free line of healthy, long-lasting lip products and The Shayla Nicole Collection was born. Initially starting the line with only 5 lipstick shades, the brand expanded to over 23 shades in the short span of 1.5 years with more shades and products currently in development. Shayla has a keen passion for mentoring others in their personal brand development and coaching current and future entrepreneurs on how to create successful brands and businesses by thinking outside of the box. A passionate advocate for female backed startups, Shayla celebrates and supports other women in business, whom she affectionately refers to as "Sheroes" through her SHERO Convo podcast which is currently available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Shayla is wearing Nearly Naked lip gloss in the above photo.